Monday, 7 January 2013


I'm glad you made the jump! 

I thought a nice new shiny blog space would get me motivated to write once again and share my adventures on a more frequent basis. It's good for my soul in this busy busy world and I want to be doing it more often.  

Happy New Year! I hope that we all have a fabulous one!


  1. Hello! good to see you back again! Your list of things to make looks quite ambitious, but I suppose that depends on the patterns you choose. Over Christmas I made 4 place mats and am working on a larger one for the centre of the table. Will blog about it very soon

  2. Thank you Lizzy! I'm glad to be back. I look forward to reading about your place mats! I am pondering sewing ours, but then there is crochet, felting, weaving...I don't know, inspiration would be welcome! Happy New Year!