Monday, 7 January 2013

Make List 2013

I am not normally one for making plans at this time of year. Autumn is the time for new plans and I should be well into action by the time January 1st rolls on around. That didn't really happen last year and so there I was, making my plans in the first week of 2013.

There are lots of lists... a places to go list, a personal development list, a stuff to grow list, among others; and this, a make list. This is the list of all of the things we need to furnish our lives that I believe I have a good shot at making myself.

Item 3 on the list was, naturally, 'draw mum being a camel (whilst she is away from her notebook for a mere 30 seconds making a cup of tea)'. Tick!

Onward to item 4 - scrap that list and instead put it here online, safely out of reach of small hands wielding biros:

Placemats x 6
Coasters x 10
Cushion covers x 3
Pot holders
Dining seat pads/covers x 6
Wall Art
Yarn! (no reason, I just NEED it)
Jumpers x 2 for Gus
Cardigans x 2 for Elsa
Coat pegs for Gus & Elsa
Baskets/bins for toys
Hat, scarf and gloves for me
THAT jumper for the man of the house (yes, it's still not finished)

My list seems...long...ambitious...exciting. Because I am at that stage in my life when working out how to make coasters and hats and potholders; and choosing patterns and yarn for jumpers - and then actually making them - is exciting. That's where I am at and it feels just fine.

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