Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Today, it began

...which is why I am finding the time to post twice today, to let out some of the sheer joy that I would otherwise buckle beneath.

Something in the air changed recently. I don't have set dates for beginning these things, I just have a feeling, when it's time, it's time. Inspite of the snow, of the biting wind, the greyness of it bones said it was time to begin. The sun is returning, even if it is schlepping a little, unseen, through these dull January skies. 

Modestly, with just one small seed tray in the propagator on the windowsill, we have begun to sow our seeds. There are tomatillo 'violet', aubergine 'early long purple 3' and the last 3 seeds of chilli 'pretty in purple' (all very colour coordinated I now notice). These are all indoor or patio crops, though I might try the tomatillos on the allotment and see what happens. Usually I start things too early - tens of tomato seedlings vying for window side seats and greenhouse space that doesn't exist, months before they can be planted outside. My bones may be telling me to wait, but my brain is high on the promise of spring and has me throwing nightshade seed around like rice at a wedding. This year, mindful modest effort, in this and many other things.  Enthusiasm is a double edged sword.

I had intended to start a few broad beans and leeks in the mini greenhouse, but I inadvertently created a mini pond with it by leaving it out all winter to collapse under the weight of rain and snow. I am too much of a weakling to attempt draining it in this horrible weather. Weakling me didn't even stay outside to do the messy work of sowing, but instead brought the soil to the seed inside the house, sitting at the dining table with a mug of tea to set about my work. This will of course teach me not to leave garden equipment out all winter (and to at least strap it down if I do). I will learn my lessons from here on in.

 Mindful modest effort - with a smattering of exuberant enthusiasm - always.


  1. I can't wait myself! I'm going to start in mid-February.

    Show us later the results of your sowing :)

  2. I will, I will! It is exciting isn't it? The pictures of your garden last year were lovely! You must have put a lot of hard work in.