Tuesday, 27 November 2012


For the last fortnight I have been following Flylady to get my housework done. I have tried this before and couldn't get on with the system at all. Three years later with a greatly decluttered house and slightly older children we are making progress - almost flying, you might say. Much of it is gold - housework is so much easier when you have someone telling you exactly what needs to be done in manageable bitesized chunks; and it includes a daily inbuilt decluttering regime if you require it. However...

I find the main Flylady site a little unwieldy (especially on my phone) and the pace a little plodding. You can adapt the routines as you see fit, but if it's anything like my attempts at meal planning, then I will be writing and rewriting my plan come February. And then I remebered one of my almost forgotten favourite haunts and the helpful folks who have had a FlyLady weekly thread running for some years now. Everything is written out in the first post, there are different levels of domestic mastery to attain on a daily basis and by the end of the week your house will be looking much better. By the end of the month, gleaming, I imgaine. So from next week I will be following that plan. This will do nicely until my work rota is simplified in January and I can come up with one that is all my own.

This is giving me an excuse to lurk around the Old Style MoneySaving board over at Money Saving Expert, which delights me no end. I frequented that board often back when we were taking small, frugal steps and really wish I had more time to spend there. If I am going to procrastinate over my domestic duties, there are worst places to do it. The whole board is geared up for home produced frugality, homecooked meals and also a great thread about prepping for TEOTWAWKI on a budget. What's not to like?

So, does anyone fly with FlyLady? And I know there must be a few MSE Oldstylers out there amongst you?

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