Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Coop

I'm sure by now that you know that The Coop  has come to an end. Before I joined the writers there, it was one of my favourite internet haunts, along with its founder Rhonda's own Down to Earth. Both of these blogs and the individual blogs of the writers offered me a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and encouragement to go my own way, to pay down debts and grow a garden, to prepare for the very worst whilst trying to create the very best.

I think that I started blogging in part to track my own journey and to tap in to the huge communities that have sprung up around these blogs and I suspect that that has been the case for many others too. It has also given me a steady writing goal over the last few months when I may have given up completely, for which I am truly grateful. I will try to channel my energies here instead.

The archive will remain online until the interwebs breaks down and the zombies are running among after us. There is a dazzling amount of information on there, much of which I realise I still haven't explored. I hope you continue to use it and pass the secret on to others who may just be starting out on this path.

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