Thursday, 4 November 2010


It seems that this time of year is a time for getting organised and knuckling down to all the small jobs that have built up over the year. Every blog I read seems to be abuzz with talk of decluttering, rearranging, streamlining and cleaning. It puts me to shame, it really does.

I am not good at daily routines, such as hoovering, laundry sorting and washing up. Just because the laundry made it to the machine and the wash cycle is complete does not mean that the laundry will get hung up to dry, not before it needs a freshen up cycle at any rate. It's this kind of disorganisation that wastes a lot of time and energy in our house; and probably money too.

So November is my month to knuckle down to it too. We have relatives visiting later in the month, which is an excellent incentive to clean up my act. Nothing like public humiliation to spur me to action, apparently. Today I spent a few minutes whilst waiting for the casserole to reheat to organise the kitchen drawers. That tiny little bit of progress felt ridiculously good. I don't have a plan to tackle a room at a time as such, but just to spend a few minutes every time I enter a room trying to make a little headway. I do need to measure my progress, however, so by this time tomorrow:
  • The empty glass bottles that have stacked up over the last month will have been taken to the garage ready to be refilled with home brewed beer when the time comes.
  • I will have pared down and organised  my cleaning supplies. 
  • The kitchen floor will be clear of all objects but the bin, the cats bowls and the rug. 
  • The laundry will have been sorted and put away, some sorted for charity collection. 
  • The dining table will be cleared of paperwork.
  • At least 3 unwanted items from every room will be leaving our house permanently.
This is all incredibly dull and unambitious, I know. But the difference it will make to my house and my mood is immeasurable.


  1. One of my main gripes is,keeping the dining room table piled to overload. We don't use it that much. Only for special dinners,and it is so handy to pile stuff on. It is in the center of the main room,so it is seem first thing.If only I could keep it looking nice for all to see when they first enter the door.

  2. Well, I managed to keep ours clear for the crucial week of vistors, but there are a few bits of debris piled up again now. Christmas dinner is approaching though, so it is due another clear up!