Saturday, 19 June 2010

Making my own life work

A few years ago, I was in a truly bad place. I had many drains on my energy; many of them in the form of 'friends', many of them from my own imagination (the drains, not the friends, that is!). I had failed to live up to the standards I had set for myself, or at least, the standards I thought were my own. Over the last few years, several events have transformed my view of the world and my place within it. The financial instability of the last few years combined with my increasing awareness of issues such as peak oil would have normally paralysed me with hopelessness and fear. Fortunately for me, my son arrived at the height of the chaos. There is nothing like being responsible for a baby human to make me buck up my ideas, apparently!

 A person whose writings have helped me greatly is this  wonderful lady. Her blog is a treasure trove not just of practical information, but also of inspiration and food for thought. She argues the case for voluntary simplicity and authenticity beautifully. She is not the only one of course, but her blog is an excellent starting point for those who feel something is missing in their overly hectic lives.

I want this blog to record my own thoughts, ideas and research on how to live a good life. Writing this post has allowed me to think about where I am coming from and where I will be going next. I still often feel that my life doesn't work as well as everyone else's. I have a natural tendency to dreaminess, an aversion to scheduling; and a far too strong inclination towards despondency. I still do not have great routine, laundry piles up and I find it hard to clear the kitchen sides after I have worked on them. I realise that my life would work a lot more smoothly if I could cut the clutter, prioritise and plan ahead; and in general be more hopeful and joyful. So my life is still; and ever will be; a work in progress - but I hope that I become more beautiful and refined as time goes by!

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